Family Upgrade

CGS_Revit_Family_UpgradeWith the CGS Revit Family Upgrade Tool user can upgrade all families from previous version of Revit Architecture to a current version. User can choose whole folder to upgrade.  It will save you a lot of time upgrading Revit libraries of different formats (*.0001, jpg, txt…) with just one click, use it and share it for FREE.


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2 comments on “Family Upgrade
  1. I started with Revit some good years before and from the time I have become
    a lot more a fan than it, is a lot more poweful a quick than AutoCAD.

    However there exists still a problem of individuals who stay having just AutoCAD and
    usually see simply how much better of any software Revit

  2. mArch says:

    I agree. Revit is a powerfull tool and I wouldn’t replace it for anything. Feel free to test our other Revit Tools. I’m excited about your feedback.

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