Change OmniClass number

Did you ever had to change OmniClass number in your families?

This is very easy task if you just have one family to edit. But if you have a case to modify several families this task could be very time consuming. To speed up the editing you can use a Category Update tool in Content Admin Kit tab. Tool offers you to automatically update OmniClass Number and Title with it, by defining new number and apply it to whole folder of Revit families on your computer.

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Important UPDATE

On behalf of CGS plus I would like to inform you about some changes with our product CGS Revit Tools.

We are improving the quality of our products and services. Due to this effort we decided to join forces with our colleagues, company KobiLabs to improve our product in future. Product known as CGS Revit Tools is now called Kobi Toolkit for Revit. The Kobi Toolkit for Revit comprises the same functionalities as CGS Revit Tools together with some brand new tools.

New version of Kobi Toolkit for Revit – 2018 is available. You can download a trial, buy our product or contact us for support.



  • Please SAVE YOUR EXISTING SERIAL NUMBER so you will use it while activating the latest version.
  • If you will keep your existing setup the license will continuously work until expiration date.

We are happy to have you on board while we are boosting the development to new level.

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2018 is here!

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Happy holidays!


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Modelles Filter

Remember Filter tool?

One of the new tools in 2017 version is Modeless Filter tool. We upgraded functionality of a basic Filter tool and made it Modeless. Meaning that tool allows you to select instances via a dialog box which is always open during the modeling, editing, etc. You can also place it on second screen. Choose instances either by the current view or whole model, then shows instances in a tree sorted by different properties (e.g. category, phase, room).


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CGS plus black-friday-25_off_1000pxoffers a 25% discount for all On-Line purchases until 2.12.2016.


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Free student licenses





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