Add Timestamp to selected instances

Manage Calculated Parameters tool offers many solutions. By defining rules (formulas) like Sum all Lengths, Count Window, Fire Rating from Wall to Windows and other you can run the Manage Calculated Parameters tool to apply these rules to selected/defined instances. In the video below we show an example where we add a Timestamp rule to the selected instances, and then re-use this same rule with simple Execute Calculated Parameters feature. 

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Color Code

Have you ever wanted to visualize and color the model based on specific property? BIM Query tool offers you to change Graphics Override and apply colors to the selected instances. Below example will show how you can quickly identify what types of Keynotes are used in the project, either Element, User or Material Keynote and color it by that property.

Color Code feature can be used in any view. Check out more examples below.

Color Furniture by Level

Color Walls by Types

Color Doors by Width

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Renumber Mark Parameter

Kobi Toolikt for Revit offers several Renumbering tools, Renumber by Room, Renumber Mark Parameter, Renumber Grid etc. Among those one of the most popular is Renumber Mark Parameter which offers you to renumber picked instances in the model and updates Mark parameter according to chosen settings in the model (Alphabetically, Numeric…). It’s versatile use helps designers daily and immediately justify an investment with saving valuable time.  

“I am using your re-numbering tool right now. We are working on a 158,000sf Hospital addition and I had to copy a floor up 4 levels. Now I need to re-number those floors. It is truly a fantastic tool. That alone is worth the cost!”

Adam Brown, Senior Designer at Chianis + Anderson Architects
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Delete View Templates

Did you ever wanted to clean your project and delete several View Templates from your project? Deleting one by one from View Templates can be a tedious task, but if you use BIM Query tool from Kobi Toolkits you can delete multiple View Templates with just one click. Check out below video to see how easy it is.

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Copy Standards

Another new feature of the Kobi Toolkit for Revit 2021 is Copy Standards tool. This feature opens dialog where you can select views, view templates and/or materials you want to copy from source file to a target file. When used you are coping information from the file you run the tool to the other open project.

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Path Manager

Path Manager is a new feature released in the 2021 version of Kobi Toolkit. Tool opens a dialogue, where you can specify the rooms and tool calculates the shortest distance between them and draws Path of Travel. By saving and/or managing the templates you can create and analyze different paths in the project. Check out the feature video below for more details.


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Kobi Toolkits 2021

We’re happy to announce the new 2021 release of Kobi Toolkits. Visit our website to download the latest version and check out the new and upgraded features from the links below.

👉🏻 Kobi Toolkit for AutoCAD – 
👉🏻 Kobi Toolkit for Civil 3D –
👉🏻 Kobi Toolkit for Revit –

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Reload Families

Editing families is an every day task while working in Revit. Therefore families and nested families often need to be reloaded. This can be very time consuming in cases of several families. The Reload Families tool offers you to reload selected or all families in the project or family document from selected source folder. It also have a possibility to overwrite graphic and/or parameters. Tool is also great for users who work on content creation in Revit. Tool can be found in Content Admin Kit tab as one of the tools for advance managing of parameters.

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Kobi Toolkit for Revit 2019 released

We hope you already had a deep dive into new functionalities of Revit 2019 and now we offer you more. We decided to give a plus to Revit software with our new release of Kobi Toolkit for Revit 2019, which includes new tools that will help you to increase your productivity and be more efficient with your designs. Check out two brand new tools, Copy Instance Parameters and Create Tags and included existing free tool Update Category which is now in the full version of Kobi Toolkit for Revit 2019.

Get to know lively how these tools will enhance your designs and make you more productive and efficient, by clicking on the videos below:



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Change OmniClass number

Did you ever had to change OmniClass number in your families?

This is very easy task if you just have one family to edit. But if you have a case to modify several families this task could be very time consuming. To speed up the editing you can use a Category Update tool in Content Admin Kit tab. Tool offers you to automatically update OmniClass Number and Title with it, by defining new number and apply it to whole folder of Revit families on your computer.

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