Analyze Revit Model with Excel

Revit elements can be reviewed and edited in two ways:

  • Directly
  • Or through schedules

But what if you could combine it with Excel?

In the video below we will show you, how you can combine Revit analysis with Excel functionalities.

Example 1How to check for unconnected wall height in Revit?

Option 1 – Benefit from color filtering in BIM Query.

You can find all the walls with unconnected height, by filtering the “Top Constraint” by color. The purple color indicates, that these walls do not have the top constraint.    

Color Filtering in BIM Query

Option 2 – Another way is by using Excel and filtering cells by their background color.

First, we save the BIM Query spreadsheet and open it in Excel.

Save the BIM Query Spreadsheet and open it in Excel.

In Excel we insert a new column and give it a name.

Under “Formulas” select “Define Name”. Here you can define a name, for instance “BackgroundColor”. Under “Refers to” use the formula = GET.CELL(38,K4)

Define name of the cell in Excel

This formula will retrieve the value of the background color of the cell you are going to refer to and K4 is the cell we are going to pick the color from.

We set the empty column to have the General format.

Select an empty cell where you want to apply the formula to and select “Use in Formula”. Each value now represents a different background colour.

You can then use these values to ColorCode your model in BIM Query, or you can extend it into writing even more advanced formulas inside Excel for further analysis.

Before saving the Excel and importing it into Revit, please make sure to copy and paste the formula values as “values”

Example 2Check your Revit model by using IF sentences in Excel

For the purpose of this example, we want to identify all the electrical fixtures that have an elevation level of less than 400mm and apply a comment to them, so we can double-check them later.

We save the BIM Query spreadsheet into Excel.

First, we convert the “Elevation” values from text to numbers. And now we can write a simple IF sentence in the column for “Comments”.

=IF(G4>400,” “,”Wrong Height”)

BIM Query to Excel – Convert text to numbers

If the Elevation from the level is greater than 400, we will leave the comment box empty, otherwise, we will insert a comment “Wrong Height”. This way it will be easier to identify them.

BIM Query to Excel – IF Statement

We open the Excel file in BIM Query. To quickly find the elements according to our criteria, we can again use the function for Color Coding.

Excel to BIM Query – Color Code

Select “Apply & Close”.

Now we can see that all the elements are color coded according to the set criteria and that the comments were successfully applied.

Revit, BIM Query – Applied Changes from Excel
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How to quickly renumber elements in Revit?

Renumbering elements one by one can be a tedious task. To help you save some valuable time, we will show you how you can speed this up and renumber all the elements with just a few clicks.

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How to quickly prepare 3D views in Revit?

Speed up the preparation of 3D views with the Resize Section Box and Filter, which are part of Kobi Toolkit for Revit.

The Resize Section Box tool allows you to improve speed and accuracy in defining its dimensions. You can key in the size of its dimensions or define it based on rooms, levels, grids, or views.

Furthermore, you can use the Kobi Toolkit Filter option to speed up your workflow, by seeing the count or quickly selecting the elements based on different categories.

 Check out the video below to see how easy it is.

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Kobi Toolkit 2023 is available for use!

We are happy to announce that the Kobi Toolkit 2023 release is ready and available for use! The release includes enhancements of all of your favourite features along with some new ones.

👉 Check out what’s new in Kobi Toolkit 2023 and download the latest release:

👉 Get a free trial of Kobi Toolkit:

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Copy Standards From One Revit File to Another

Shorten the time spent on preparation for a new project. Copy Standards allows you to copy selected schedules, legends, view templates, details, and materials with just a few clicks from one project to another. 

The video below shows how you can use Copy Standards and be more efficient with your time.

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How to transfer Shared Parameters from one family to multiple families in two easy steps?

Bundle of tools for advanced parameters management within Content Admin Kit is all any BIM manager needs. In the short video below, we will show you how to use Parameter Manager to export shared parameters and apply them to multiple Revit families with just a few clicks.

Transfer shared parameters from one family to multiple families in 2 easy steps – Kobi Toolkit for Revit
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Add Timestamp to selected instances

Manage Calculated Parameters tool offers many solutions. By defining rules (formulas) like Sum all Lengths, Count Window, Fire Rating from Wall to Windows and other you can run the Manage Calculated Parameters tool to apply these rules to selected/defined instances. In the video below we show an example where we add a Timestamp rule to the selected instances, and then re-use this same rule with simple Execute Calculated Parameters feature. 

Free Trial

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Color Code

Have you ever wanted to visualize and color the model based on specific property? BIM Query tool offers you to change Graphics Override and apply colors to the selected instances. Below example will show how you can quickly identify what types of Keynotes are used in the project, either Element, User or Material Keynote and color it by that property.

Color Code feature can be used in any view. Check out more examples below.

Color Furniture by Level

Color Walls by Types

Color Doors by Width

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Renumber Mark Parameter

Kobi Toolikt for Revit offers several Renumbering tools, Renumber by Room, Renumber Mark Parameter, Renumber Grid etc. Among those one of the most popular is Renumber Mark Parameter which offers you to renumber picked instances in the model and updates Mark parameter according to chosen settings in the model (Alphabetically, Numeric…). It’s versatile use helps designers daily and immediately justify an investment with saving valuable time.  

“I am using your re-numbering tool right now. We are working on a 158,000sf Hospital addition and I had to copy a floor up 4 levels. Now I need to re-number those floors. It is truly a fantastic tool. That alone is worth the cost!”

Adam Brown, Senior Designer at Chianis + Anderson Architects
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Delete View Templates

Did you ever wanted to clean your project and delete several View Templates from your project? Deleting one by one from View Templates can be a tedious task, but if you use BIM Query tool from Kobi Toolkits you can delete multiple View Templates with just one click. Check out below video to see how easy it is.

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