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Modelles Filter

Remember Filter tool? One of the new tools in 2017 version is Modeless Filter tool. We upgraded functionality of a basic Filter tool and made it Modeless. Meaning that tool allows you to select instances via a dialog box which

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One of the first and still very powerful tool of CGS Revit Tools is Filter tool. Originally called Selection Filter tool enables efficient control over the selection of certain elements. The Selection Filter tool displays a tree of elements in a project, grouped

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Duplicated elements in the model

I’m sure everybody has come to this problem at least once while modeling in Revit. There are many solutions to this inconsistency and I would like to show you how easy can the problem be solved with BIM Query tool

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Have you ever needed to edit multiple instances which aren’t the same type? Personally, I face this problem daily. For example: I decide to change the material of all interior doors; which happens to be an instance parameter. I’m editing

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