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How to transfer Shared Parameters from one family to multiple families in two easy steps?

Bundle of tools for advanced parameters management within Content Admin Kit is all any BIM manager needs. In the short video below, we will show you how to use Parameter Manager to export shared parameters and apply them to multiple

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Reload Families

Editing families is an every day task while working in Revit. Therefore families and nested families often need to be reloaded. This can be very time consuming in cases of several families. The Reload Families tool offers you to reload selected

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Change OmniClass number

Did you ever had to change OmniClass number in your families? This is very easy task if you just have one family to edit. But if you have a case to modify several families this task could be very time

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New features in 2017

New release of CGS Revit Tools 2017.1 are available for Revit 2012 – 2017. We have updated our best seller tool BIM Query, add a new tool in QA/QC group of tools and enhanced a tools View Depth Override, so it enables

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Parameter manager in Project file

The Parameter manager tool works on two levels. In project or in family file. In project file tool enables user to create one or more shared parameters and assign it to specific categories. User can import many shared parameters at once and apply

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Shared Parameter Manager

Shared Parameter Manager tool is one of the Content Admin Kit set of tools. It enables quick and easy managing shared parameters. It opens a dialogue, user select .txt shared parameters file and add/remove shared parameter. User define parameter name, group

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Content Admin Kit

Series of tools Content Admin Kit are newly developed part of CGS Revit Tools. Tools offers an advanced managing of  the parameters of your families and projects. Set includes five new tools and a free Update Category tool. See the ribbon

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