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Copy Standards From One Revit File to Another

Shorten the time spent on preparation for a new project. Copy Standards allows you to copy selected schedules, legends, view templates, details, and materials with just a few clicks from one project to another.  The video below shows how you

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How to transfer Shared Parameters from one family to multiple families in two easy steps?

Bundle of tools for advanced parameters management within Content Admin Kit is all any BIM manager needs. In the short video below, we will show you how to use Parameter Manager to export shared parameters and apply them to multiple

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Add Timestamp to selected instances

Manage Calculated Parameters tool offers many solutions. By defining rules (formulas) like Sum all Lengths, Count Window, Fire Rating from Wall to Windows and other you can run the Manage Calculated Parameters tool to apply these rules to selected/defined instances.

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Color Code

Have you ever wanted to visualize and color the model based on specific property? BIM Query tool offers you to change Graphics Override and apply colors to the selected instances. Below example will show how you can quickly identify what

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Renumber Mark Parameter

Kobi Toolikt for Revit offers several Renumbering tools, Renumber by Room, Renumber Mark Parameter, Renumber Grid etc. Among those one of the most popular is Renumber Mark Parameter which offers you to renumber picked instances in the model and updates

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Delete View Templates

Did you ever wanted to clean your project and delete several View Templates from your project? Deleting one by one from View Templates can be a tedious task, but if you use BIM Query tool from Kobi Toolkits you can

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Change OmniClass number

Did you ever had to change OmniClass number in your families? This is very easy task if you just have one family to edit. But if you have a case to modify several families this task could be very time

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ROI – BIM manager

If you are interested what the ROI for CGS Revit Tools, here is a part of it for set of tools in BIM manager panel. If you would like to calculate with your own data and have whole ROI document

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Duplicated elements in the model

I’m sure everybody has come to this problem at least once while modeling in Revit. There are many solutions to this inconsistency and I would like to show you how easy can the problem be solved with BIM Query tool

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Create new sheets with BIM Query

Great trick how to create 10 and more sheets in a few seconds. One of many functionality of BIM Query tool in CGS Revit Tools.  

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