Renumbering Tools – part 1

One of the things Revit users were waiting on for quite some time was a tool that has an ability to associate door mark with room number parameters. For this purpose we developed the tool Renumber by room. We extended functionality of the tool with the possibility to also renumber other categories beside doors. User can renumber Door, Furniture, Windows and other categories.

Tool offers the same user interface as other tools for renumbering.  In dialog the user can define preferred renumbering of specified category for active view or the whole model. For accurate renumbering the user can check the preview number in dialogue, add a prefix or suffix and see what the end result will be. With confirmation of settings the tool Renumber by Room automatically redefines the Mark parameter for specified category.

We have to mention one limitation of this tool. When user changes  the door (or other category) orientation or inputs a new one, its number parameters don’t automatically appear in a model. User must launch this tool again or can renumber the category manually. For this purpose we developed another tool: Renumber Mark Parameter, which enables user to renumber instances manually by clicking on them in the order they are to be renumbered. This tool updates the MARK parameter for the selected instance. We will write more about other tools for renumbering in one of the next blog posts.


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One comment on “Renumbering Tools – part 1
  1. […] one of the previous posts I’ve presented solution for manual and automatic renumbering  of selected categories defined […]

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