Have you ever needed to edit multiple instances which aren’t the same type? Personally, I face this problem daily.

For example:

I decide to change the material of all interior doors; which happens to be an instance parameter. I’m editing doors in first floor but also want to apply changes to other floors. Because I have used different types of doors in the model, I can’t use Revit’s “Select All Instances” feature. And because I want to change just interior doors, not the whole category, I can’t use the Revit Filter command.

Luckily I have CGS Revit Tools to speed up the process. With the CGS Revit Tools “Select” group I can use the “Selection Filter” tool to display a tree of all elements in a project. This tool enables the user to filter elements either from the selection, whole model or active view.  Because I can select the doors in all floors and make the change to just the material parameter it enables me to have efficient control over the select elements and saves me a tremendous amount of time

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