Autodesk University 2013

AU2013-560 Learn, connect, and explore. It’s become a tradition that every December we fly to Las Vegas, NV to participate in Autodesk University.  Attending Autodesk University offers design and engineering professionals training and networking opportunities as well as the opportunity to engage with professionals like us from the software development community. As an Authorized Autodesk Developer AU offers a time to Connect. We get to speak face to face with many of our partners, resellers and customers. It is an opportunity for us to Learn. We learn what their most important needs are and share what our solution have to offer. The reward for our time investment at AU is we become invigorated for Exploration fueled with fresh ideas for future tools; this year was no exception. This year we focused our exhibited on CGS Revit tools and our other producet. Traffic through our booth was steady providing many opportunities to showcase a few tools nearly ready for release. It is with delight that the feed back found them to be promisingly useful. One of the new tools featured is:  View Depth Override.

The tool View Depth Override allows user to change element color depending on settings and distance to view plane. It can be used in 3D, sections, elevations…

vo4     vo3

Model without override                                                 Hatch pattern override

vo2     vo1

Invert override                                                                 3D Tranparency override

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